WP Media Manager is a jQuery mobile app to view, upload and delete images from your wordpress media library.
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Just enter your wordpress site URL (e.g. yoursite.com), the username and password that you are using for your wordpress admin. The WP media manager supports also networks, so you can log in with one wordpress account to manage the images of the sites in your network. All logins are stored in the browser, so when you come back to this app, you only need to select the wordpress site from the list.


When you are using a wordpress network, you will see a dropdown to select the wordpress site.

Multiple file selection is supported in these mobile browsers:


Before you can delete images via this app, you have to install the WP Media Manager XML-RPC plugin for wordpress, that enables the deleting of images via XMLRPC.
After that tap on the images you would like to delete and hit the "Delete images" button.

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Please report bugs in the support tab of the wordpress plugin site.

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